Tempo and mode of antibat ultrasound production and sonar jamming in the diverse hawkmoth radiation

Barry Setterfield was born in in Australia as the son of two Salvation Army officers. Because of their calling Barry moved 17 times in 20 years. He studied physics and geology at the University of Adelaide, but aborted his study after three years because of family and health problems. He made a mineralogical survey about South-Australia for a mining company. And he was member of a project group that looked for the best place for the largest optical telescope in the southern hemisphere. Illness of his father and the care for his feable-minded sister prevented further academic study. Barry was a Christian, but of the theistic-evolutionistic opinion. In he obtained a book, that described astronomical anomalies. He became aware of the fact that historical measurements of the speed of light showed a clear decrease.

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The turntable was a common sight in almost every “cultured” home, along with the cassette deck and reel-to-reel. What an enlightened nation, one might think, to not have given in to the digital plague from the rotten West that was insidiously slipping into music lovers’ homes under the guise of user convenience and promises of a “clear digital sound” only to destroy the “real” music, recorded in a pure, non-digitized sine wave. Taking it at face value, we might have expected a medal from the whole world, or at least the part of it that believes in a “noir” flat earth.

The truth, however, was much more prosaic. All of the above countries and a few others, such as Bulgaria and Romania, remaining at their post on the eastern, “red” side of the Iron Curtain, were back then technologically unprepared for anything more than the technologies developed in the s and early s.

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News Walkatjurra Walkabout against uranium mining in Australia needs support When this message reached us, the Walkatjurra Walkabout had survived the first ten days of walking with Traditional Owners to protect country, despite freezing overnight temperatures and long hot days. This report shares an impression of the walk and finally asks for your support. Read more Japan Olympics – oppression of critics of contamination On 6th of August, remembrance day of the atomic bombing on the Japanese town of Hiroshima, activists informing about the the impacts of the bomb and the ongoing damage caused by the nuclear disaster in Fukushima have been faced to oppression by the local Hiroshima police, one activist being arrested on trumped-up charges.

Read the complete article Polish atomic developments update No major promise from the Polish Ministry of Energy MoE related to the nuclear policy has materialized since they were constantly being made during the FY H2 period: Its preparation has been further delayed, and now MoE says that it should be announced “before mid “, so six months later then the ministry had been claiming by end Read more When will the Czech Republic wake up from dreams of nuclear reactors?

The Czech Republic’s energy security requires a new energy policy with an emphasis on the still untapped potential of energy efficiency and the necessary continuation of the development of renewable energy sources. The fulfillment of a number of obligations of today’s rapidly obsolete State Energy Policy has been delayed for years. Read the complete article International Anti-nuclear Summer Camp We want to invite you to a week of international knowledge exchange, experience sharing and a warm feeling of resistance in France.

Our international Anti-nuclear Summer Camp will take place close to Narbonne from 6th of August to 12th of August this year. We, the organizing group, are independent anti-nuclear activists from different countries across the world. We want to organise a gathering with a lot of space for international networking, share of knowledge and experiences and extend of knowledge about anti-nuclear topics. Also, we want to give the opportunity of summer camp feeling and fun. To give the summer camp a structure there are two main topics as a stream during the week:

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Open in a separate window The static field B0 is most commonly produced by a solenoidal superconducting magnet in a closed bore configuration producing a magnetic field horizontally along the bore axis. Various so-called open systems using superconductive, resistive or permanent magnets also exist, usually with a vertical field. These allow better access to the patient to provide essential care or carry out interventional procedures, and offer a less claustrophobic environment for the patient [ 15 ].

Higher field strengths offer the advantage of greater signal-to-noise ratio, which benefits most clinical applications, permitting faster scan times or higher spatial resolution, but potentially with greater artefacts [ 16 ]. The static field extends beyond the confines of the scanner bore and this fringe field is important with regard to interference with medical devices such as pacemakers.

Consequently the area around the scanner is subject to strict control of access [ 17 – 18 ]. The rate at which the static field changes over distance, or the B0 fringe field spatial gradient, is responsible for the magnetic attraction of ferromagnetic objects. Movement within the fringe field is deemed to be responsible for various mild sensory effects described later and becomes more of an issue at high field strengths. Patients and staff are routinely exposed to the fringe field of B0.

The B1 field is an amplitude-modulated sinusoid used to effect transitions between magnetic spin states of the nucleus, most commonly of hydrogen 1H , according to the Larmor equation: The B1 field is generated by RF transmit coils operating in the near field, applied orthogonally to B0. The RF frequency varies between scanners of different static field strengths, and the amplitude and specific waveform of B1 varies between different pulse sequences.

The main body transmit coil is integral to the bore of the magnet. Sometimes smaller transmit coils are used for the head or extremities.

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We invited developers, researchers, designers, retailers, food producers, to get together and prototype solutions for a more sustainable food system. He introduced the idea of the hackathon and a short background on the sustainability challenges of food production. The starting point of the event was that food production and consumption have become a major driver behind environmental degradation, such as climate change, biodiversity loss and degradation of land and freshwater.

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This meant a great deal to Bettie, and although her health has been deteriorating for several years, the anticipation put her on a high plane. Three days later she went by ambulance to the hospital for the seventh visit last year; unfortunately she lived in the hospital for two weeks and passed away on Oct. I miss her very much.

At UCLA he established the first full-time division in pediatric ophthalmology at a medical school in the country and helped found the Jules Stein Eye Institute. During his nearly 40 years of practice on the campus, he has provided eye care for thousands of children in West Los Angeles, neighboring communities, and around the world. One of his contributions to pediatric ophthalmology was the development of the now widely used Apt test, which differentiates fetal from adult hemoglobin as the source of bleeding in newborns.

Holloman Air Force Base

Share this article Share ‘If I try to stream a video, or open sites with pictures on, the internet grinds to a halt. It’s too much of a coincidence not to be and other people I know have complained about similar problems. While Sarah Aldridge tweeted hers has been more ‘rubbish than usual. Customers have taken to Twitter to complain the 4G switch-on has made older services, including 3G internet, calls and texts slower and less reliable, yet mobile operators including O2 and Vodafone deny this.

O2’s CEO Ronan Dunne believes 4G investment will boost 2G and 3G services ‘Our 4G service works on a different part of the airwaves than our 3G and 2G services, so there is no knock on effect for our existing customers.

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At first, the bombs were dropped from medium or high-altitudes, but as SAMs became more dangerous, a shift was made to lower altitudes. Unfortunately, this technique also exposed the aircraft to small-arms fire from the ground[ citation needed ] While at Da Nang, aircrews complained that they were missing many opportunities to shoot down enemy MiGs because the F-4C lacked an internal cannon and its missiles were ineffective at short ranges. The gun pod innovation and the MiG kills that followed earned the wing the nickname it carries today, the “Gunfighters.

The “Stormies” flew two sorties per day of armed reconnaissance along North Vietnamese roads. During this short-lived effort, there were six near midair collisions during the first eight missions. When “Stormy” night ops resumed, it was with use of the Starlight Scope to spot targets, and with support from “Blindbat” and “Candlestick” flareships. In May , the “Stormy” FAC mission requirement was bumped from two to three sorties daily, and their numbers augmented to ten pilots.

After this, the F-4Ds assumed forward air control duties, while the more advanced F-4Es concentrated on aircraft escort duties and conducted ground attack missions. Sijan , a th pilot shot down in , was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions as a prisoner of war. The assignment to Takhli was a name-only reassignment, as the wing consisted of four deployed Holloman F-4D squadrons 7th, 8th, 9th and th TFS , and two F-4E squadrons 4th, st which were reassigned from Da Nang after the base in South Vietnam was closed.

These AC s were assigned to Det 1. At Mountain Home, the wing was assigned the th, th, and st Tactical Fighter Squadrons which had returned from Vietnam, joined the th, and began converting to General Dynamics F F aircraft. For the first time since it left for Vietnam, the wing once again had its three original flying units.

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The collection includes a broad range of software related materials including shareware, freeware, video news releases about software titles, speed runs of actual software game play, previews and promos for software games, high-score and skill replays of various game genres, and the art of filmmaking with real-time computer game engines.

The Old School Emulation Center TOSEC is a retrocomputing initiative dedicated to the cataloging and preservation of software, firmware and resources for microcomputers, minicomputers and video game consoles. The main goal of the project is to catalog and audit various kinds of software and firmware images for these systems.

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With the activation, German military personnel and 12 Panavia Tornado aircraft joined Team Holloman. German aircrews come to Holloman for approximately three weeks for advanced tactical training and then return to Germany. Aircrews for this course come to Holloman for about six months. There are numerous reasons the German Air Force trains at Holloman. The area offers great flying weather and has suitable air space. To facilitate this, there is a memorandum of understanding between the two governments.

By offering NATO allies the benefits of available space at Holloman as well as the use of the Southwest’s excellent flying weather, the U. Both pilots successfully ejected, and were uninjured. Planned for the British Overseas Training program which they[ who? Training began in and in addition to the range, a detached installation operated by the base was the Alamogordo Gasoline Storage and Pumping Station Annex. Instead, by January 30, , the base was planned to"be manned by a skeleton crew merely as a plane refuelling station, [for] emergency landings, etc.

On 10 December , Lt Colonel Dr.

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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Significance Ultrasound production is one of the most sophisticated antibat strategies in nocturnal insects, yet it has never been thoroughly studied in a phylogenetic framework. We conducted high-throughput field assays using playback of echolocation attack sequences, laboratory bat—moth interaction experiments, and fossil-calibrated phylogenetic analyses to provide the first evidence that multiple unrelated hawkmoth species produce ultrasound and jam bat echolocation.

Our robust tree demonstrates that sonar jamming evolved twice during the Miocene after the radiation of insectivorous bats.

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