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Share Shares When a plane crashes we can often recover the black box to determine what happened. This box keeps a recording of any talk in the cockpit. Here we present the recordings of the final moments of 10 crashes as found on the black box. Due to the nature of the recording method, some of the audio is very difficult to hear, so listen very carefully. Some content may disturb. This list is courtesy of AircrashDB. The crash resulted in 65 fatalities, 17 people severely injured and several people with minor injuries, making it one of the deadliest accidents in the history of Argentinian aviation. As the aircraft started its take-off run, a warning sounded in the cockpit, indicating that the aircraft was not correctly configured for the maneuver.


Kathleen Reagan December 11, at 9: They do not treat you with respect at all! As a driver for a smaller oversize load carrier. Less than 75 trucks.

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Ryanair to cancel up to 30 flights on Thursday due to pilot strike Independent. It said it is cancelling some flights on high frequency routes from Ireland to London and other destinations in the UK. They could otherwise switch to earlier flights tomorrow, or later on Friday, Saturday or beyond. All customers on these flights received text and email notification of the cancellations today. The airline said customer service teams are helping them with refunds and transfers to alternative flights.

It said it would also help customers travelling to the UK with alternative flights and ferries. The airline said customers who are travelling to or from Ireland on a Ryanair flight on Thursday who have not received notification that their flight has been cancelled can expect it to go ahead. They should check in as normal at their departure airport. Ialpa said that seniority lists that ensure pilots with longer service get first call on a variety of perks are the norm at other airlines. It claimed the airline has not made an offer that could form the basis of a settlement.

It said the budget airline should welcome all its pilots at the table when meeting unions, rather than excluding contractor or self-employed ones.

Flying tired: airline pilots on tough rosters battle fatigue

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Philip Marshall is accused of shooting his children Alex, right, and Macaila Marshall, left, before turning the gun on himself Their bodies were discovered when friends of the teens went to the family home on Sandalwood Drive on Saturday and looked through the windows and saw Phillip Marshall lying on the floor in a pool of blood Micalia Phillips, 14, and her year-old brother Alex, were also found dead at the home inside the gated Forrest Meadows community.

Ryanair to cancel up to 30 flights on Thursday due to pilot strike. The airline has said that only UK flights will be affected by the stoppage; All Ireland to Europe flights will run as normal.

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Delta Air Lines Flight 1141

Friday 6 October Last month the Irish airline cancelled 20, flights , disrupting the travel plans of around three-quarters of a million people. Domestic links from Stansted to Edinburgh and Glasgow, and between Gatwick and Belfast International, were among those cut.

The unsettling oddness was there from the first moment, on March 8, when Malaysia Airlines announced that a plane from Kuala Lumpur bound for Beijing, Flight , had disappeared over the South.

EgyptAir flight MS disappears: Investigators trying to determine whether the A was brought down by terrorism or a technical fault are poring over a series of warnings indicating smoke filled the cabin shortly before it disappeared from radar. French authorities confirmed that smoke detectors went off aboard the flight a few minutes before it crashed but said it was not clear what caused the smoke or fire.

Until investigators find the aircraft’s black boxes, which are still missing in the Mediterannean, the Acars offers the best sens on what was happening aboard. Three different warnings showed there were faults in the windows next to the co-pilot, suggesting they could have been blasted outwards by an onboard bomb. That does not mean the explosion came from the cockpit but indicates the right side of the plane was more badly damaged than the left.

The pilot suggested the smoke detectors may have been triggered not fire but by fog which filled the cabin as it lost air pressure in the moments after the explosion. Meanwhile, the Egyptian military released images of shoes, handbags and other forlorn items pulled out of the sea near the crash site. Video footage showed unused life vests and torn up parts of seats scattered across the deck of an Egyptian naval ship.

10 Final Recordings of Airline Crashes

By David Guyatt Part 1 From sensitive and highly secret – and hitherto largely unknown – Special Forces covert operations in Cambodia, to wandering CIA asset, through to “black ops” activities in Grenada and Oliver North’s Iran-Contra “Enterprise,” and on to membership in an international “hit team,” Gene “Chip” Tatum has seen it all, done it all and is now telling it all.

Tatum knows where the skeletons are buried. Above all he is aware that his testimony implicates serving and former US Presidents, plus a whole list of high government officials, and others, in a welter of nefarious activities – including assassination, blackmail, coercion, gun-running, money-laundering and Cocaine trafficking. Tatum, a lanky Floridian, turned whistle-blower following his arrest on a treason charge in

Rob Balsamo – Commercial airline pilot. Co-founder, Pilots for 9/11 Truth.4,+ total hours flown. Statement to this website 7/23/ “In May , I was watching Glenn Beck’s show on Department of Defense had just released the infamous “5 frames” of stop-action video of .

He then produced the half-hour comedy pilot Knockouts starring Lou Rawls, which segued into a deal with Emmy award winning writer Maxine Lapiduss to produce the one hour dramedy Doin Life. Paul Goldin, a globally respected PhD in the world of hypnotism and a Master of the paranormal. Goldin debuted the US version at the Realscreen Summit.

Goldin and GoldLine have co-production deals with the following US production companies: Hosting Bio download Growing up with an internationally famed father who was a world renowned hypnotist and master of the paranormal, multi Emmy-nominated television personality Ricky Paull Goldin travelled the real world continually as a youngster. After the big race, Ricky was chosen by the Sheiks to do the in-flight programming for Emirates airline.

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History of flight simulation[ edit ] World War I —18 [ edit ] An area of training was for air gunnery handled by the pilot or a specialist air gunner. Firing at a moving target requires aiming ahead of the target which involves the so-called lead angle to allow for the time the bullets require to reach the vicinity of the target. This is sometimes also called “deflection shooting” and requires skill and practice. During World War I , some ground-based simulators were developed to teach this skill to new pilots.

He later patented his design, which was first available for sale in

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He now wants to pass on his creation. We had several hundred employees working for the airline; as this was the main base for Northern Operations. The Club’s coffers were always in the black; all employees were automatically members Don McKenzie and his piece Brass Band provided great dance music My daughters Joanne 15 and Kathy 13 were the “coat-check” girls one year at the Christmas Party Circa , the Social Club came up with the idea of: Our Chief Executive at that time was: He gave us the use of a PWA plane for the day.

The event was well promoted; but we only sold 35 seats. Some hiked; others biked; others went horse-back riding Dean and Mel put on a “high-board” diving display at the pool

Ryanair cancelled flights: The full list of 34 routes suspended this winter

I used to feel exactly the same way, but over time, have come to realise that it is not about a short-coming in me, but rather it is just the way he is, and will always be. It reminded me of a personality profile I have seen many times before; and I thought I would share it with you. I kid you not, this is so close to who he is, that even he agreed! Pilots are a distinct segment of the general population.

Pilots tend to be physically and mentally healthy. There are those, however who would dispute this claim.

The Aeronautics Bachelor of Science Degree at Embry-Riddle is a multidisciplinary program that meets the needs of the aviation and aerospace industry guidelines.

Share this article Share It is rare for pilots to be removed from flying for breaching airline procedure. Qantas has a zero tolerance to pilots recording an alcohol reading of any level. Fewer than of Qantas’s pilots are women. The investigation into the captain’s alcohol reading is expected to take at least a month. Qantas has informed the air safety regulator, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, of the incident. However, it is considered a matter for Qantas rather than the regulator because the testing of the captain was done under the auspices of the airline’s drug and alcohol management plan.

The flight from Sydney to Brisbane was delayed after the pilot was forced to relinquish the controls If it is determined to be a one-off incident, the pilot will be expected to undergo counselling and later a medical assessment to determine whether she is fit to fly. But if it is a long-term problem, she will be suspended from duties. A Qantas spokesman confirmed that a captain had been ‘withheld from service for administrative reasons’ last week but he declined to comment further because the matter was under investigation.

A spokesman for Civil Aviation Authority spokesman said yesterday that it would not comment on any specific testing carried out by an airline, nor on the results of any test. Share or comment on this article Most watched News videos.