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COMMENTS The alternative radio format is built upon the promise of what’s coming next, so it’s no surprise that the music played by alternative stations has experienced multiple changes during the last 25 years. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart, we’re counting down the top tunes in the tally’s quarter-century history. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see how this chart was formulated. This First Appeared in Billboard Magazine: The Top Alternative Songs ranking is based on actual performance on the weekly Alternative chart formerly Modern Rock dating to it’s inception on Sept. Rankings are based on an inverse-point system, with weeks at No. Due to various changes in chart rules, length and methodology, including the implementation of monitored airplay data from Nielsen BDS in , songs have had shorter average runs at No. To ensure equitable representation of the biggest hits from all 25 years, earlier time frames were weighted to account for the difference in turnover rates from those periods.

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As a kid, I daydreamed about growing up, falling love, and going through all the rituals of relationships. To this day, whenever I date someone seriously, I start looking for ways to shoehorn those in. My current boyfriend has his own agenda, though. On a date a few months in, he said he heard a song that reminded him of me. I was half-amused, half-horrified.

Tanya Denise Tucker (born October 10, ) is an American country music artist who had her first hit, “Delta Dawn”, in at the age of

Obviously, we here at Nerve are pretty firmly on the “against” side of infidelity. That said, you’d be a fool to not recognize the rich tradition of the “cheatin’ song. Here now, then, are the twenty-five best cheatin’ songs of all time. Unapologetically sexy and viciously groovy, “If That’s Your Boyfriend” isn’t the nicest song on this list, but it’s certainly one of the most honest.

And man, does it move. The Impressions, “You’ve Been Cheatin"” Curtis Mayfield moved on to larger matters like Hell and social injustice as his career progressed, but early on, The Impressions were just as concerned with heartbreak as they were with the bigger issues. Mayfield’s sky-high voice and the sweet string arrangement behind him put this wonderfully direct ode to infidelity up there with anything coming out of Motown at the time. Morrison’s unhinged vocal and the band’s seductive sturm und drang make this one of the few Doors songs with both feet firmly planted on this plane of perception.

Sometimes, infidelity isn’t really about subterfuge; sometimes it’s more direct than that. And sometimes, it involves eating a whole lot of chicken. Connie Francis, “Lipstick On Your Collar” A prime early example of the rock n’ roll cheatin’ song, “Lipstick On Your Collar” is one of the bounciest, most infectious, and squeaky-cleanest odes to infidelity you’ll ever hear.

But it swings like a beast that’s veteran jazzbo George Barnes’s stun-gun guitar solo , and many generations of pop ingenues like Lana Del Rey owe their smoky appeal to Francis. Prince, “Head” Prince has enough “woman done-me-wrong” songs that you’d think he’d be a little more sensitive to infidelity. The poor girl was on her way to be wed, for Chrissakes!

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The credit for this is entirely due to its author, George Harrison, the most serene and wisest member of the legendary group. This song became the representation of his life-music philosophy, and after his death – an eternal reminder of his life story. There is no arguing about the influence these four lads had on music and culture as a whole, they deserve every praise they get and this song just further proves it. The result was not bad at all, and this extremely tenacious and slow ballad is more proof of this.

By the way, Blackmore himself spoke very positively of this composition. However, phenomenal success overtook it only 15 years later, when the Nazareth band presented a cover version of this composition.

Derulo started dating the former “American Idol” winner in , and they collaborated on the song “Vertigo” from his album “Tattoos.” However, it was their performance in his video for the.

In this article, I would like to talk about one negative aspect accompanying the spread of the Internet in the world – Internet addiction, while mainly focusing on online dating addiction. How to Deal with a Controlling Ex Wife It is considered that the whole burden falls on a woman after the divorce. She is the one who suffers more.

She is experiencing depression. She stays with her children, and financial problems are added. But it is also difficult for a man to divorce.

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And these legends of country music have written and recorded songs that have spoken specifically to the guys throughout the world that love country music. From Hank Williams Jr. The stars of country music share similar lives to those of the guys in the audience. There are tough times that include divorce and losing a job. There are good times like having a few drinks after a long week.

The Ultimate Love Songs Playlist Sep 9th I married my high school sweetheart after dating for nearly a decade and I love meeting people who know how to make me laugh, like my husband who can crack me up by just looking at me. 90 Articles written by Megan. We Love Your Comments Cancel reply.

Taylor Swift has stated that she has written songs about all of her ex-boyfriends, and that they are the greatest inspiration for her. So this is a list of who was the inspiration for what song, what interviews she talked about it in, and any other relevant information. Their relationship ended because he had to go to college. His current girlfriend isn’t too pleased with it, though.

He was going away to college so she wanted to write him something to remember her by. Picture to Burn was written about an ex-boyfriend named Jordan Alford, whom she calls a redneck, and says he never let her drive his pick-up truck. Teardrops on My Guitar was written about a boy she liked, whom she never actually dated. Drew was surprised when he heard his name in the song. Taylor stated that two years after the song came out Drew showed up at her house and asked her on a date.

Joe Jonas broke up with her over the phone, which is something she has complained about on Ellen DeGeneres’ Show and elsewhere.

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Top Five Songs About Masturbation From the 80s Ok, we all know the different ways to say this, but how about all the different songs from the wonderful eighties that discussed it if somewhat more poetically. Of course, this is the nineties, and you can lose your job for talking about it. Or at least you can lose your job for advocating it being taught, boy what a class that would be, as if you could do it wrong. So here’s the top five. VH-1’s pop up videos has done a special half-hour program on “Self-Love.

The Billboard Hot chart ranks the top songs of the week based on sales, radio airplay, and streaming activity.

Here we try to give a story that is very close to original one, according to our sources this is false that Lauren Cohan is marries. Some rumors are come that she is going to marry with a collage. Because during these days they sees dating number of times in a single month and both sees really happy during this dating session. But this dating history going end after passing a period of time and Lauren Cohan sees with another man.

This is only steven yeun both having work with each other in different dramas and met a lot of dating and both works in other different movies. So as they live together again news come that they are going to marry.

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Words are very powerful weapons because they can make us feel thousands of different emotions from being on top of the world to feeling completely miserable. Now, imagine listening to the same words, but accompanied with music. One of our long-term online dating users wanted to share her list of love songs for Him that will help to keep your relationship strong and exciting. I decided to share my list of best love songs for men with you because from my own experience, I believe that sending a love song is more intimate and special than simply typing up a sentence.

That’s why these songs to dedicate to your boyfriend can be so powerful. Trying to figure out a clever and cute way to say exactly what you’re feeling just isn’t a possibility sometimes. After .

Get a free download from Austin Stone Worship! Enter your email for your free download! The download link has been sent to your email! Enter your email and we’ll send the link for your download. No doubt Southern Gospel is one of my favorite genres of music. It is Christian music with a southern country style. This could be music sung by solo artists, family bands and trios and quartets. In this genre, unlike some other Christian music, you will hear styles of jazz, ragtime, pop, country, boogie-woogie and even some contemporary Christian.

No matter who is singing or what this style of music you can always be assured that the lyrics glorify Jesus and are sung from the deepest part of the heart. Here are 10 of my favorite Southern Gospel songs.

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