How to Connect a Subwoofer to a Receiver or Amplifier

Even in a large room, you’ll be amazed at how much sound a single SUB is capable of producing. I had one sub but it was not enough for my large room so I added a second. During music playback I have no issue with this setup. Your system is rigged for fake 5. It does allow a surround pair for channels 4 and 5 though which I have a pair of play 3’s assigned for. However I have a play 5 in my room also directly behind where I sit and watch tv. This is what the second sub is tied too, during movies I love having the extra bass especially since it feels more balanced with the two Sonos sub units in my sq ft living room.

Reviewing Some of The Best Underseat subwoofers

Originally Posted by Trogdor Thanks dd3mon. Okay, how will imaging be effected by a sub in the corner? Has anyone done this with with 2 sub’s on placed in both front corners? I’m considering getting an external sub for my 2 channel setup. My speakers do bass quite nicely tight and accurate but not booming though I’m about to change amplification drastically. Many sub manufacturers especially the cylindrical models such as SVS’s most popular line recommend corner placement.

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Hook up Powered Subwoofers: Receiver Pre-Outs

Ask Question Step 3: I decided to not cut up my PSU cables as i may need the computer it came from at some point, you will need to find the pins shown in the pic, they are on the connector that was originally on your motherboard, the cables should be green and black, any black ground connector will do the trick. Now a quick check, turn on your PSU and if the fan spins you’re all set for the next step.

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Aug 12,  · I ordered a pair of JBL PRXs-xlf subs last week, & they’ll be here tomorrow. I understand how my board works, and I’v been giging & running sound.

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May 06,  · i just got an amp for my subs, but i have no idea how to hook them up. i have no experience with car audio, so i don’t wanna mess something up. how hard is it to hook them up? is is something you would recommend me doing myself? *remember, .

How do you hook up a 3 farad capacitor to two amps? You also must know how use capacitors on the sub to make it respond only to bass! And while they do make commercially available accessories that do what Y-T-Y says, by the time you buy one that works for your situation, install it, etc. How do you hook up an amp? Make sure that the power wire and aux cable are on opposite sides of the vehicle for less distortion and interference.

How can you hook up another amp to your sub amp for your 6×9?

How do I hook up 3 subs to an amp?

January 24, We are always preaching the more subs the better in a home theater system particularly two to four for a variety of reasons such as; smoother bass response across a wider listening area and increased dynamic range. So now that you’ve decided to purchase two or four subs, its time to show you how to connect them up properly to ensure you achieve the maximum benefits of a multi sub system.

This article has been recently updated to incorporate two YouTube video discussions – 1. How to Connect Multi-Sub. Why Have Multiple Subwoofers? Before reading this article, the reader is advised to check out our recently added YouTube video discussion on this subject matter to understand the benefits of using multiple subwoofers in a home theater environment.

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There could be some problems though. In order to get an increase in sound output the two subwoofers sound waves need to reach your ears in phase. Sound waves cause a slight air pressure increase followed by a slight air pressure decrease alternating up and down at the frequency of the bass sound. With that in mind visuallize what happens if sub A is pushing the cone outward to increase the air pressure and sub is pulling the cone in to reduce the air pressure.

Read reviews and buy the best powered subwoofers from top brands, including Yamaha, Klipsch, SVS and more. including Yamaha, Klipsch, SVS and more. Menu. Lifewire The 8 Best Powered Subwoofers to Buy in Search. Search the site GO. Buying Guides. TVs & Home Theater Computers & Tablets Smartphones Understand the Easy Ways to Hook up.

Sound Ordnance Powered Subs Open a new front for bass Sound Ordnance powered subs bring the forces of good sound to your vehicle at an affordable price. These compact dynamos travel light and hit hard, with a subwoofer and amplifier built into a sturdy enclosure that easily fits into tight spots. B-8P Powered bandpass sub Bandpass subs lay down deep bass that keeps regular subs cowering in their foxholes.

The B-8P puts this bass technology to work in a compact design that you can deploy in a corner of your cargo area or trunk, even behind the seat in an extended cab truck. Preamp- and speaker-level inputs let you hook this sub up to an aftermarket or factory stereo. The rugged enclosure features a clear acrylic window so you can watch your woofer in action, while durable black carpet armors the B-8P from nicks and scrapes. Tune your bass barrage for maximum effect with the variable low-pass filter and phase control.

B-8P Compact powered sub If you’re strapped for space, the Sound Ordnance B-8PTD powered subwoofer turns the hard-to-fit spots in your vehicle into potent bass bastions. The B-8PTD’s built in amp sends watts of digital power to its 8″ woofer, adding high-impact bass reinforcement to your music. Preamp- and speaker-level inputs allow convenient connection to just about any system, plus you can tweak the phase control, bass boost, and low-pass crossover for maximum firepower in your vehicle.

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Yamaha DBR12 PA speaker Yamaha has been kind enough to loan us two PA speakers from their wonderfully affordable DBR line of powered speakers, so that we can highlight how they work, and define some commonalities they share with other speakers of the same type. A super nice touch that will cut or boost the necessary frequencies accordingly for each situation. Just as in the world of recording, where monitors come in both versions, so do speakers in the PA realm. Well, like the name implies, passive speakers do not require separate power cables to operate.

Now, what are the downsides, and why would we recommend you gravitate towards active speakers for your PA setup?

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Reading, Pennsylvania yea id agree with ya,,, id probably spend the extra money and get the one that plugs into the harness though,, will make for a cleaner install and plus if you ever wanna change out the head unit all the wires will be behind the head unit AvenDanger said: I assume you have the standard system, and if so try this kit from PAC. It plugs in between the factory radio and the factory harness and converts the signal to rca line level, and includes a remote turn on lead.

The two modules are NOT interchangable, so make sure you know whether you have Boston or standard. These are spendier solutions, but they are plug-n-play, and will yield the best sound quality. Otherwise, you can buy a basic Line Output Converter and attach it to the rear speaker leads to get an RCA level signal into the amp.

Does anyone know how to Hook up a full system to the Uconnect 8.4?

Here are pictures and info about the visible upgrades to my stereo. Wiring Diagram is at the bottom. Most information is for LSE model, but there are wire colors at the bottom for other models.

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So far, I have only been able to use it once. Good support for bass guitar for the multipurpose room we were playing. The one sub handled my band nicely. The agreement was that the client “keeps” the system at their facility until their contract is up. The contract is for 12 months. They were convinced it was not necessary Rich, warm, “full” sounding. And light enough that they can pack it away. Their facility is the multipurpose room, cafeteria-auditorium with stage, at the local Junior High.

I would not use the SRM even if I owned a pair for those types of events.

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How do you hook up amp to a radio with no RCA input? What you need is a line level converter. This device pinches off existing, amplified, speaker wires coming out of your OEM deck. It has RCAs on it It changes the value of energy from amplified to line level, which your amp is looking for. You will need the standard amp install kit after that.

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Tweet March 17, GoodSound! Paul has used NRC’s advanced facilities to design his loudspeakers and subwoofers since the early ’70s. Paul had some interesting things to say about the basics of subwoofer placement Benefits of a sub The use of subwoofers in home audio is an issue of contention among audiophiles.

Perhaps the most important is that a sub allows the sats to be placed where they will image best, while the sub itself can be placed where it can most evenly distribute energy throughout the listening room. The problem At low frequencies, the room has more of an influence on the sound than does the speaker itself. Improper setup can lead to peaks at frequencies at which soundwaves reinforce each other, and dips, or nulls, at frequencies at which they cancel each other out. Sitting closer to the walls tends to homogenize the sound.

The listening position and the main speakers should form an isosceles triangle: This will affect the spatial information and can result in a less well-defined soundstage. How far the subwoofer should be from the listener is a bit different because, from Hz down, the lower the frequency, the harder it is to determine the source of the sound. As the lower limit of human hearing 20Hz is approached, it becomes nearly impossible to locate a subwoofer by sound alone: As the speakers are moved closer to the walls, floor, and ceiling, the focusing effect of those surfaces amplifies the bass frequencies.

However, this comes at the expense of precise imaging. So to create the most three-dimensional soundstage, position your speakers away from the walls.

HOW TO: Install Subwoofer w/ Factory Radio