Eaglesham Beer Festival to serve up first ever gin – and it’s named after the village

What can I expect at a Scottish Highland games? Sporting prowess Heavy contests, including the hammer throw and weight for height, see competitors putting their muscles to the test, while field events such as the hill race and cycling competition test speed and stamina. Did you know that Baron Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympics, was so impressed by a Highland display he saw at the Paris Exhibition that he introduced the hammer throw, shot put and the tug o’ war to his competition? Talk about high praise! The former two are still included in the Olympics programme to this day – just one of the many fascinating facts of the Highland games. Bagpipes and drums For many, one of the most memorable sights of the Highland games is the massed bands, when hundreds of pipers and drummers from different groups come together to play and march in unison.

Rudolf Hess plane wreckage hidden by Scottish farmers, letter reveals

While the monorail sounds a much better solution, an upgraded rail link between Glasgow centre to Prestwick Airport would seem like a much more sensible and cheaper option. Flybe and, if rumours are correct, Easyjet are circling overhead with an interest in Prestwick. This under-used airport could well be developed to take traffic from Glasgow and a rail link already exists. It could no doubt be upgraded at a fraction of the cost of the proposed transport links in Glasgow.

Buses to Abbotsinch are already a fairly efficient and cheap way of getting passengers to and from the centre of Glasgow.

Scottish Power has become the first of the UK’s big six energy firms to ditch fossil fuels for electricity generation, by selling off its last remaining gas power stations to Drax for more than.

The study by the Centre for Economic and Business Research and the Royal Mail looked at the last two years and calculated the most desirable areas based on a range of factors including schools, parks, and working hours. The Wirral has 93 primary schools and 25 secondary schools including around four grammar schools, with Wirral Grammar School for boys and girls located in Bebington itself. The BH18 postcode in Broadstone, Bournemouth pictured , was the third best place to live in England A number of data sources – including the Census, the Department for Communities and Local Government’s Indices of Multiple Deprivation, General Land Use database and numerous releases from the Office for National Statistics – all helped determine the best postcodes in the country.

In ‘s list, there were just three postcodes from the south compared to four this year with good schools and lower unemployment levels attributing to the change. Sale, in Greater Manchester – postcode M33 – was rated the fourth best place in England to live. The best places to live in England: Suburbs in Glasgow dominate Scotland’s most desirable places to live and work with three quarters of the areas in the Scottish list around the port city.

Shorter working hours and commute times as well as access to local services, better schools and lower crime rates, helped boost these locations desirability. Stornoway HS1 and Kirkwall KW15 both located on islands in the far north of Scotland appear in the top ten list thanks to a good work-life balance and high employment rates.

In Wales, postcodes in Cardiff and Swansea make up the majority of the top ten list as a result of access to better local schools and shorter commutes and shorter working hours.

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Although christened after his paternal grandfather Alexander, he was called “Alister” Gaelic for Alexander from birth. As a youth, MacKenzie and his family spent summers near Lochinver, on what had been traditional Clan MacKenzie lands from MacKenzie’s strong identification with his Scottish roots featured prominently in many aspects of his later life. After a period working in Leeds, he returned to Cambridge in where he undertook the 3rd MB examination Part 1 before passing the London Licentiate examinations for Royal College of Surgeons the same year.

Discover The Redhurst Hotel in the leafy suburbs of Giffnock on the south side of Glasgow. We boast 17 well-appointed bedrooms, 2 separate Function Suites and a large spacious bar and restaurant area serving refreshments and freshly prepared food daily.

Northern towns are ‘most desirable’ places to live in UK – find out why Northern towns are the most desirable places to live and work in England, a study has found. Share this Print this story Northern towns are the most desirable places to live and work in England, a study has found. The study, conducted by the Centre for Economic and Business Research, showed that northern locations dominated the top ten in England, with Bebington in the Wirral and Dalton-in-Furness in Cumbria coming high up the list.

The report showed that residents in Bebington, located close to the River Mersey, enjoyed the ideal balance of being able to live close to their place of employment, good schools and high employment. Meanwhile in the south, the most desirable postcode was the old town of Kesgrave in Ipswich. Revealed – The 50 best rural places to live in Britain] Royal Mail calculated its list of popular postcodes based on access to good schools, green spaces, employment prospects, affordable housing and average commuting times.

As it has evolved, the postcode has also revolutionised the way companies do business. Our study provides unique insight into the most desirable places to live and work in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, through the lens of the postcode. We’d love to know what you think – post your comments below. UK’s top northern towns Top ten most desirable postcode districts in England 1. CH63 — Bebington, Wirral.

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Palmer , Jay A. The Yates Memo is in line with recent SEC initiatives, speeches by SEC officials and other public statements signaling that the top securities regulator is also sharpening its focus against individuals. This article was published in the October issue of Insights: Critics ranging from federal judges to members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have argued that shareholders were left to pay the price for these hefty fines out of corporate earnings, while the responsible executives escaped personal accountability.

CIVIL WAR II rocks the Amazing Spider-Man’s world! There’s a new Inhuman with the ability to predict the future, and as Earth’s heroes grapple with their feelings about his very existence, there’s one fact on which almost everyone can agree: This Ulysses bears great power, and .

Eaglesham, of Taunton, Somerset, who is married with three boys aged 13, 10 and six, was just days from finishing his second tour of Afghanistan in when he contracted Q Fever, a rare bacterial infection caused by spores in the earth being kicked up in heavy fighting. Diarmuid Greene The debilitating condition, for which there is no prognosis, has left him confined to a motorised wheelchair. His wife, Julie, has become a full-time carer helping him wash and get dressed.

In he competed in the shooting at the Rio Paralympics and has recently appeared on stage alongside the prince at an event promoting greater understanding of mental health in the Armed Forces. While the pair did not cross paths in Afghanistan — where the young royal served two operational tours during his year Army career — he says they fought in a lot of the same places. Since leaving the Army in , Prince Harry has championed the need to remove stigma around the mental health of veterans.

But in the process Prince Harry has become a figurehead for veterans from all walks of life, inspiring those who bear the mental and physical scars of war. Last September, the charity Combat Stress said it was treating more than 1, veterans of Afghanistan for illnesses including PTSD, depression and anxiety, up 34 per cent from the previous year. The prince has called for a greater understanding of the myriad mental issues caused by war, rather than just lumping everything under the banner of PTSD.

Diarmuid Greene Among those present was Mike Day, a year-old former sniper section commander who served with distinction in Iraq and Afghanistan. He recalls chatting to the prince for 10 minutes or so, joking about Army life as well as the challenge of overcoming mental and physical injuries sustained in Helmand Province. This time he was not to be so lucky when a grenade exploded in his path.

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Fictional character biography[ edit ] Encounter with Superman[ edit ] In an alternate reality a “pocket universe” three Kryptonian criminals General Zod , Faora and Quex-Ul escaped the Phantom Zone , and tried to take over that reality’s Earth. There was no Superman in this reality his younger self, Superboy , having died before the criminals’ escape but there was a Lex Luthor who had not turned evil.

Using an artificial life-form called the “protoplasmic matrix”, Lex created a red-headed woman, Matrix, who resembled his true love, the deceased alternate-reality Lana Lang. Matrix possessed all of Lana’s memories, due to Lana’s synaptic pathways being copied into Matrix. Lex had also patterned her physiology to resemble Superman’s, whom he had seen by using one of his many inventions to look into the mainstream universe.

Like Superman, Matrix was superhumanly strong and fast, and could fly, but she also had the powers of shapeshifting , telekinesis , and cloaking including invisibility.

David Enrich, Jean Eaglesham, Atsuko Fukase and Jenny Strasburg for “Unraveling the Mystery of Interest-Rate Manipulation” – The Wall Street Journal; Investigative Category Finalists. Chris Hamby, Dating Game, Stock-Options Criminal Charge: Slush Fund and Fake Employees 5.

Why do the British drive on the left? Those driving on the right changed but I fancy it’s a passing phase and they will return to the fold. Riders travelled on the left to keep their sword arm free. So why does everyone else drive on the right? I’ve heard it’s a Napoleonic thing but can’t think of any reason why this was ever an advantage. Seth, Edinburgh UK I heard it was so that when passing other traffic, your sword arm generally your right is next to the oncoming traffic and so you can defend yourself I have an image of people jousting in stagecoaches.

Of course if we drove on the right, both prospective combatants would be inconvenienced by fighting on the weak side – so maybe we Brits just like a good fight? Or perhaps the current arrangement was brought in to end a reign of terror by a gang of left-handed bandits? Tom Chivers, Oxford UK We always have, supposedly dating back to the times when, passing other riders on horse-back, we could defend ourselves with our free sword hand the right – or presumably offer the hand of friendship.

Our European cousins also used to ride on the left until Napoleon decided on a whim to change to the right in order to be different from the hated British. However, even in continental Europe, the trains still keep left. It’s not just the Brits who drive on the left.


The median age of males and females living in Neilston was 37 and 38 years respectively, compared to 37 and 39 years for those in the whole of Scotland. Neilston fostered a flourishing textile processing industry. At the peak of business, the River Levern was lined with bleachfields , cotton mills and calico printfields.

EAGLESHAM, SCOTLAND – MAY A wind turbine stands with the city of Glasgow in the background as Whitelee, Europe’s largest onshore windfarm, is officially opened on May 20, in Eaglesham.

Volume , 1 November , Pages Regulation of pesticides in Australia: In Australia it is well established that the largest reef system in the world, the Great Barrier Reef, has been seriously damaged by land-sourced pollution primarily from agricultural activities. The Great Barrier Reef is Australia’s best documented case of contamination of an ecosystem by pesticides. We describe Australia’s current regulatory arrangements for managing pesticide risks to the environment at both national and state level and evaluate the regulatory response to pesticide pollution of the Great Barrier Reef GBR and its catchments as a case study.

It is argued that the relatively advanced state of knowledge about the problem and the Great Barrier Reef’s World Heritage status means that it presents the best case scenario for Australia’s ability to respond to pesticide risks to the environment. Yet the only regulatory action taken to date — restricted conditions of use for particular chemical products introduced by the Queensland Government — has occurred outside of the dedicated regulatory regime for managing pesticide risks.

Other lower profile and less-studied Australian water bodies are likely to be even less protected. The ad hoc, case-by-case and very slow chemical review process administered by Australia’s national pesticide regulator has not effectively assessed or addressed chemical risks to the GBR.

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