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Average site user’s age: Congrats, you’re some jaded intellectual loser who needs this place for an E-go. By stereotype, you talk about Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Cocks, some shit comic nobody fucking cares about or whatever. By default, you are expected to fuck off. Congrats, by stereotype, you’re a fat wapanese goth with half a brain who can’t spell to save his life. The third world economy is more reliable and fag-free than Gaia’s marketplace. People will say you’re a troll just because they don’t agree with you. What Gaiafags do for a living[ edit ] Gaia’s true selling point Gaiafags earn Gaia Golds so they can buy more useless shit for their avatars. Gaia gold is the currency of the website and can be earned one of three ways; A small amount of golds is automatically given every time they go to another place on the shithole of a website, usually averaging up to.

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Independent scientists and universities are currently analyzing findings, with initial examinations suggesting the possibility of material that is unlike anything found in the fossil record. The recent findings in Peru, while exciting, pose some interesting questions regarding the way that discoveries of this nature should be approached. As humans, we have an innate curiosity when it comes to making sense of the world around us.

Gaia is an ambitious mission to chart a three-dimensional map of our Galaxy, the Milky Way, in the process revealing the composition, formation and evolution of the Galaxy.

Eyebright What is Eyebright? Eyebright is a 1 to 5-inch, delicate, annual herb native to grassy meadows in Europe. It grows numerous small flowers with extraordinary vertical stripes of pale violet running down three white or at times reddish colored lobe shaped petals spotted with yellow or darker purple spots. It is steeped in history dating back to antiquity. According to Greek poet Pindar, these enchanting goddesses were created to fill the world with pleasant moments and goodwill.

Thus the pretty little herb Eyebright helps bring delight to the Eyes of mere mortals; literally as well as figuratively.

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You can find a short introduction to the comic itself on the About page. Like Ryn and Lilith, he is one of the students with less wealthy parents who earned a scholarship to attend the Academy. He is fond of the novels by famous writer Milo Salandor and knows a lot about the history of Gaia. Unfortunately for Ilias , she is already dating Sandril.

Being kind and beautiful, Lilith is the dream girl of many men. But everything comes at a price, and sometimes that price is very high… First appearance:

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She needs to find something to mend her loneliness so she calls her friend Kenna for any relationship advice. Marie is given the full green light to hook up with Kenna’s ex, Kalina Ryu and with nothing to lose she decides to give it a shot. Kalina greets Marie inviting her into her home and surprises her with a beautiful lunch for the two. Marie decides to confide in Kalina letting her know how she has had her heart broken in the past and about difficulties of getting out there and meeting new people even if they’re all the wrong places.


Edit A Bundle is a Premium Item that contains an assortment of items inside a single container. Bundles allow the owning a variety of items priced a few Cash lower than what they would be if bought individually. They are primarily stocked in the La Victoire cash shop. These bundles could contain up to 4 to 6 items related by design, theme, or color. Sometimes there is an exclusive aka. In relation to this are the ‘ Advance Chance ‘ containers.

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Butterflies and Hurricanes by froglady15 reviews Sequel to Endlessly. After the death of Frieza, birth of Trunks, and their bond stronger than ever Vegeta and Bulma are faced with the challenge of what to do next. With new and unknown threats on the horizon seeking to tear them apart, can they face it all together and strengthen their union or will it cause it to crumble?

Dragon Ball Z – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: This story tells you that. Mixes manga, anime, and original content. Earlier chapters undergoing a rewrite and content edit No plot change. Fullmetal Alchemist – Rated: His risk results in his capture, imprisonment, and torment at the hands of a research laboratory in Baltimore. One woman is able to see the intelligent being under the chains, but will she be able to save them both?


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Product Description Get Urinary Support with Organic Uva Ursi No one likes to talk about it when they’re having urinary troubles, but you should never neglect your urinary health. Not only can it lead to discomfort and pain, but it can have serious implications for your overall health. Uva Ursi Leaf is a certified organic liquid herbal extract that provides support for maintaining a healthy urinary system. With a history of medical use dating all the way back to the second century, uva ursi has long been relied on to support healthy, especially the health of the urinary system.

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Miss Pope-Sutherland, 19, was reported missing from Swanage by a family member on November 7 Clothing belonging to the teenager was found by members of the public in a field near Swanage on November Miss Pope-Sutherland’s body was discovered nearby two days later in undergrowth on a cliff top. Her family have now said questions must be answered by the force. She had epilepsy and did not have her medication with her when she went missing.

Sep 21,  · Plan trips and stay safer in the woods, with Gaia GPS. Download topo maps for offline use, explore trails, and use a complete GPS toolkit for hiking and other adventures. Join hundreds of thousands of hikers, backpackers, hunters, offroaders, mountain bikers, backcountry skiers, firefighters, guides, and other serious outdoor adventurers and professionals that use Gaia GPS for work and play/5(2K).

We will help you defeat Zeus. The Titans were the race of deities who ruled the world before the Olympian Gods came to existence. They were the ones who aided Kratos in his quest for vengeance against Zeus but they became the secondary group of antagonists upon Gaia’s betrayal. They were the children of Gaia and Ouranos. Later, several of the Titans also produced offspring which were also Titans.

Only a few Titans such as Prometheus, Oceanus and Helios were spared that fate. Atlas, who led the Titans in the Titanomachy, was forced to hold the sky Ouranos upon his shoulders, fore the sky was greatly damaged in the war and couldn’t support itself and also because of the death of the sky Ouranus. In the beginning, there was darkness. Themis was born of Gaia, who became the embodiment of divine order, law, and custom, giving the Titans a purpose to be a part of the world. The rest of the world was created by the Titans and Cronos was given the title as ruler.

However, it was prophesized that one day Cronos would be overthrown by his very children, just as Uranus had been years before. The Sisters refused to change his fate and the fate that would also haunt the Titans forever.

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